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Revolutionize the way you pitch and collaborate with clients using
Marketrix's all-in-one meeting management system. Elevate your
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Dynamic Pitches.
Real Connections.

Instantly connect with website visitors interactively using MarketrixLive,
Deepen engagements with MarketrixMeet's video pitches,
And embrace a world where anyone can sell. - Dynamic Pitches. Real Connections. | Product Hunt |


Marketrix's Toolbox
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Features that Elevate Engagement: Powering Sales with Precision & Purpose

Marketrix Mode

Co-browsing with Live Video and Dual Cursor Control makes for a more personalized customer experience.

Focus Mode

Experience clear and stable one-to-one video conferencing directly off your website

Marketrix Live

Initiate connections with customers across your website and boost your conversion rates

Marketrix Meet

Build your interactive Pitch Deck, and meet with your prospects over Marketrix

Agent Portal

Connect with industry sales professionals and build your team of LiveAgents

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor all your sales and gain valuable insights on how to continuously improve your future sales pitches or presentations.

See How Marketrix Works in the
Real World

Whether you’re a sales manager or sales team member, Marketrix allows you to
collaborate with your entire team and grow your sales figures together.

Live Sales Agent

Elevate your sales with live agent assistance. Guide visitors through your website and close deals in real-time.

Product Demos

Give your prospects a real feel of your product with an interactive and effective product demo.

Real-time Customer Support

Instantly assist customers with their queries, navigate your website together, and resolve issues in the moment.

Marketrix Live- Engage and Convert
Visitors in Real Time

your sales team can now directly engage and guide visitors through your website
or product, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

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Unlock more features

Our flexible pricing plans ensure that you get the features you need at a price that fits
your budget. Select from our range of options to find the plan that's right for you and your

License fee

Our most popular plan for small teams.

$7500per day


Everything in our free plan plus....

  • Unlimited Pitches / Demos
  • 10000 minutes / month
  • 3 Seats
  • Dual user control
  • Dashboard
  • Marketrix Mode/focus mode
  • Inbuilt calendar
  • Pitch templates setup
  • Content management
  • Dedicated account manager


Our most popular plan for small teams.

  • Additional seat
  • Additional 5000 Minutes
  • Additional Templates

Custom pricing

  • Custom Features
  • Custom Integration
  • 3D Modeling
  • Virtual Tours
  • Video Creation
  • Designing

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